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We've collected images from all over the internet and gathered them here in our PVC Projects and Ideas page. Many of the items on this page come from various sources, but all offer a fantastic inspiration that you can use to build DIY PVC projects with FORMUFIT PVC pipe, fittings, connectors and accessories.

Many of the images show regular plumbing-grade PVC fittings and pipe being used, but FORMUFIT PVC fittings can reduce the number of fittings in most of these project by half. Take a look, Pin them on Pintrest, then browse our PVC Project Plans Library for more inspirational ideas.

PVC Pumpkin Spider

A whimsical Halloween decoration, easily made from PVC pipe, fittings and a pumpkin.

PVC Cat Playhouse

Cat Heaven! A tiered cat structure,

Built from PVC and slings.

PVC Kids Playhouse

A simple kids playhouse for indoor or outdoor use. Just add a sheet and an instant house is created.

PVC Fishing Rod Holder

An easy way to keep fishing and fly rods handy and neat.

PVC Pipe Ball Rack

Store excersize balls easily, without them rolling away.

PVC Camera Dolly

Create smooth, rolling shots with this video camera dolly.

PVC Fishing Caddy

Build an easy-to-use cart for fishing, including a cleaning station.

PVC Patio Awning Project

Create an elegant PVC Patio Awning from 3-Way PVC fittings and Pipe, draped with sheer material.

PVC Ladder Golf Game

Build your own PVC Ladder Golf game, using PVC and Golf Balls.

PVC Lifeguard Chair

Keep it safe near the pool or beach with this PVC Lifeguard Chair

PVC Pipe Stage Backdrop

Build an easy and inexpensive stage backdrop for assemblies or stage productions.

PVC Princess Tent/Cabana

Be the envy of all the girls in your neighborhood with this highly customized PVC Princess Tent

PVC Pro Camera Rig

Build a professional, shoulder mounted camera rig from Black PVC products. Built from 1" PVC Pipe and Fittings.

PVC Ballet/Fitness Barre Project

A safe, temporary bar, great for ballet or other fitness activities.

PVC Towel Rack

Keep towels dry and close-by with this PVC towel rack,

Built from a 5-Way PVC Cross, and 4-Way PVC Crosses.

PVC Pipe Cryptex

A neat cryptex,

Built from PVC Pipe and End Caps, to hold secret items. Built from 1" PVC Pipe and Fittings.

PVC Bed Canopy

Give your daughter or neice the bed she's always dreamed of with this simple canopy, built with a PVC frame.

PVC Pipe Project Golf Cage

Use this golf cage to practice your swing, indoors or out.

PVC Snack Bar Kiosk

An ingenious, and customized use of a simple PVC kiosk, which can be built easily and covered with fabric.

PVC Tub Storage Rack

Build this useful tub storage rack desinged to hold a range of inexpensive plastic storage tubs.

PVC Bike Rack

Clean up your garage with this perfect PVC Bike/Scooter rack.

PVC Lemonade Stand

Give your child's Lemonade Stand a unique 'storefront' by building this easy kiosk and covering it with material.

PVC LaCrosse Goal

This regulation-sized PVC LaCrosse goal is made from sturdy Furniture Grade PVC. Plans available in the 'Sports' section of our PVC Plans Library.

PVC Theater Screen

Be the envy of the neighbors when you project your movies outdoors on this humoungous PVC-framed screen.

PVC Dog Bed

Give Fido a place to rest with these easy to construct PVC dog beds. Check out the plans in our 'Pets' section of our PVC Project Library.

PVC Kid Wash

Kids can cool off, while cleaning off their bikes, cars and toys with the fun PVC Kid Car Wash

PVC RC Car Race Track

Use PVC to create an unlimited number of track configurations using PVC pipe. Built from 1/2" PVC Pipe and Fittings.

PVC Archery Target

Practice your bow-and-arrow skills using PVC pipe and a simple target.

PVC Stage Backdrop 2

This stage backdrop, fully assembed, is perfect for drama performances, graduations or assemblies.

PVC Double Dog Bed

Not much room for your pets? Build a PVC Dog Bunk Bed for yours!

PVC Floating Pool Canopy

Get some shade with this fun PVC shade canopu

Built from 3-Way PVC fittings and pool noodles.

PVC Display Rack Projects

This simple rack display provides and easy location for individuals to grab information, or view materials.

PVC Light Tent

Use this lightbox to take great photos of small items. Made from 3-Way PVC fittings.

PVC Pet Cage

Build a cage for exotic pets out of PVC, which can be used indoors or out.

PVC Light Cubes

Create unique 'light cubes' with PVC, Spandex and LED lights to make a neat backdrop for a party or stage show.

PVC Raft Caddy

This durable, weather proof raft caddy will help keep your poolside rafts from blowing away.

PVC Clothes Rack

Use this PVC Clothes rack for garage sales, non-profit functions, or for basement clothing storage.

PVC Sprinkler Tunnel

This PVC pyramid-shaped sprinkler is easy to build. Just construct and drill holes within the top pipe to creat the downpour.

PVC Caddy

Create a durable, weather and element proof caddy for crafts, tools or for food serving poolside. Uses Caster Fitting Inserts to attach casters.

PVC Soccer Goal

Buid a practice sized soccer goal, perfect for backyard or park use. Wildlife netting can be used as the net.

PVC Step Stool

Need a customized step stool that reaches just the right height? Build your own with PVC.

PVC Toddler Bed Guard

Keep toddlers safe from falling off of your bed with this toddler bed guard (Please Note: For safety, spaces between bars must not exceed 3")

PVC Henhouse

A simple henhouse, constructed of a PVC frame, with chicken wire laid over top.

PVC R/C Aircraft Stand

Need a place to keep all of your radio controlled aircraft items together? This PVC construction can hold the R/C plane, radio and other elements, all in one location.

PVC Sound Booth Panels

Use PVC as a frame to build a sound booth for recording music or voice talent.

PVC Yard Bag Stand

Build a stand to hold those pesky paper yard bags upright! Easy to build and slips in and out of the bag.

PVC Light Box 2

Sell your items online using great photos taken in a light box.

PVC Pipe Bowling Set

Build these cute bowling pins for indoor bowling.

PVC Clothes Line

Dry your clothes outdoors with this portable PVC clothes line.

PVC Greenhouse

Build a PVC Greenhouse to extend your growing season into Fall.

PVC Child Baby Gate

Keep the little ones downstairs with this PVC Baby Gate.

PVC Preschool Wall

Make a creative wall for games and activities.

PVC Puppet Theater

Put on a puppet show with this easy to build PVC Puppet Theater.

PVC Towel Rack

A clean and stylish approach to hanging towels made from PVC pipe and fittings.

PVC Wedding Trellis 1

A beautiful, temporary wedding trellis

Built from PVC pipe, fittings and material to frame the bride and groom.

PVC Toy Bin Stand

Keep toy bins off the floor for easy vacuuming! Can be made faster and easier using 3-Way and 4-Way fittings.

If you have an idea, photo or any PVC pipe projects in mind that you've seen, or would like to share, feel free to let us know about it. We'll include it on our PVC projects page here, and give you credit for finding it. Send us an email with your PVC Projects to info@formufit.com. Happy building!



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